Strategic design, bright ideas.

A selection of marks we have designed, some of the work was completed while working at The Richards Group - RBMM.

Proposed mark for an eco-friendly resort & casino in Las Vegas

Mark for a recycling company   

Shoe design contest to raise funds for breast cancer research

The research arm of the US congress and a national resource

A charming logo for a grocery store  

Chick-fil-A labor day promotion  

Recycling rewards program  

Veterinarian specializing in cats  

Arts and crafts store  

A wine glass, a bull and the symbol for the zodiac taurus

Tyrell produces home-based medical  devices which use heat technology

An African-Indian fusion restaurant in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Gabe's Billiards, an 8-ball becomes a G-ball

Upscale Asian-inspired steakhouse  

"Lights for your wheels"